"The distance between your dreams and reality is a call to action" (Unknown)

Coaching and consulting are powerful tools to help you move the dream God has placed in your heart to an impactful reality in the world.

Coaching & Consulting Options

Transformational Coaching 1

Transformational Coaching 1

Transformational Coaching 1


Need someone to help you walk through an issue or challenge? Dr. Davis can help.

Schedule a 2-hour phone/video coaching session.

Transformational Coaching 2

Transformational Coaching 1

Transformational Coaching 1


Let's partner together and tackle challenges head-on! This package includes six 2-hour video coaching sessions with Dr. Davis that results in a clear action plan to get you and your organization moving forward.

Turnaround Consulting

Transformational Coaching 1

Turnaround Consulting


Developing a strategic plan for the future is vital to leading your church or organization to a turnaround.

Here's what is included:

  • A prelimary 90-minute video call session with the Senior Pastor
  • A vision weekend (on-site) where we create the church's mission, vision, and values statements.
  • A Sunday Worship service evaluation
  • Six monthly vision follow up video calls with the local church's turnaround team

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